Seven Pilots Don the Magic Goggles

“What are those for?” Lisa asks, pointing at the pilot goggles around my neck. We’re both waiting for Vietnamese tacos at a crowded a food truck in Portland, Oregon. I’m experimenting with answers to that question, and what comes out is pretty simple.

“These are magic goggles that show you the path to your future.”

Lisa seems entertained.

I explain, “You put them on and answer a simple question, ‘What’s one thing you know you want to do before you die?’ If you think about all the different roles you play in your life, it’s complicated, everything we do. Answering this question out loud while being recorded and wearing these googles helps you find clarity.

“Go ahead, put them on. And think about one thing you know you want to do before you die.”

LisaI pull the goggles over my head and hand them to her. As she straps them on my name gets called, so I turn away to grab my lunch. When I turn back to Lisa, I can see tears welling up in her eyes behind the lenses.

“You’re right. They are magic,” she says.

You’ll have to watch the video to find out what Lisa, a Partner, Daughter, Lawyer, and Woman, discovers about her future.

One thing I confirmed with the goggles: People are deep. When asked, they usually know what’s most important to them. They also usually know what they need to do next. Granted, I was in the right place at the right time with the right people.

To Lisa, and the other six people who opened their souls to the power of the goggles, thank you for making editing this video such a pleasure. I was smiling the whole time.

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Anne Sophie ReinhardtAs I entered the World Domination Summit I hunted for people who had successfully managed a big change in their lives, and within minutes I met Anne-Sophie who told me about her escape from the clutches of a disease of self hatred and self-deception— anorexia. To hear her story is to know what transformation means. Once emaciated, deluded, and barely death-defying, she’s now learned how to love herself and her precious body. Through her website aMINDmedia she offers courses and a new book The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Body Image (affiliate link) to help people overcome problems of self-worth, fall in love with their bodies, and live healthy lives. Anne-Sophie is a Writer, Content Creator, Wife, Sister, Daughter, and Anorexia Survivor. I also consider her a Kindred Spirit.

Stewart Snyder

Stewart SnyderA Father, Artisan, Designer, Writer, Coach, and most proudly a Valet, Stu is extremely friendly and sincerely interested in people. He recently quit his job and wrote a book about how you can do it, too. I endorse his practical approach. He guides you through the process of considering your finances, your goals, and the people in your life who will help you make a new career— before you quit. Plus, the book features my story! I’m very happy to point you to Quitting is for Winners Guide + Toolkit, and even happier to call Stu a new friend.

Joshua Fields Millburn

Joshua Fields MillburnJoshua is passionate about writing. As one of The Minimilists, his answer was appropriately sparse. He credits me for giving him a great way to say no: I have to go do nothing. I stole it from someone else. I credit him as one of the three people who inspired my Plan to Stop Sucking and Kick Ass.


Scott Dinsmore

He wants to be a Father. Currently a Friend, Husband & Lover, Mentor, Coach, and Learner, Scott lives in the same city as I do and has a similar mission as mine— to help people “do things they really care about doing.” We both have blue eyes, but his are about 8 inches farther off the ground. Having just signed up for his newsletter at Live Your Legend, I’m impressed with the sheer quantity of thoughtful resources he gives you including his weekly planner, goal setting guides, and product launching checklists. Wow. I’m eager to learn more. In fact, I’ll be writing him a second after I post this article. Thanks Scott!

Jodi Womack

Jodi WomackJodi, a Wife, Sister, Daughter, Cousin, and Niece, is also Founder of No More Nylons, which sponsors Women’s Business Socials to promote vibrant, worthwhile conversations between women in business. No weird presentations or elevator pitches. Just socializing and connecting the way we (they) naturally do. And they’re FREE! Jodi was one of my first goggle roping victims. Smart, playful, and engaging, Jodi is clearly on the path of her mission to write a book about her love for connecting to people globally. I can’t wait to read it.

Griffin Peyton

Griffin PeytonHusband, New Father, Brother, Son, and Teacher, Griffin offers a basic value about the love of education. His mission to lead a school is right in there with everything I believe about parenting, and I bet he’ll pull it off with about a thousand times more kids than I do. His words about his new internship end the video with a wish for us all.

“Plunging into that role, hoping for the best, learning, embracing it myself, and just taking one step forward towards what I want to do before I die.”

See other Pilots steering toward their dreams

Ravindra Kharmai, Sijartha Shaff, Audrey Reynolds, Ryan Nicodemus

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  1. This is awesome, David – you found some truly inspiring people, and yeah… those goggles really are magic.

    And who knew Stewart was such a romantic?

  2. Great job on the editing David and what an incredible idea for a series of videos. Thanks to all of them for sharing and thanks for putting together their stories in such a cool way.

  3. Dude, this was awesome! The production quality is excellent, the way it’s edited really clicks, and the words from all these cool people are inspiring. I’d love to see this be a regular thing.

    • Thank you back Joel Dude! I’ve done it a lot, and plan to do more. Maybe you someday will wear the goggs!


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