Nope, No New Year’s Resolutions. Follow these Steps to a Great Year.

New Year's Resolution95% of you, at least, according to my private analytics, have not been enlightened to the Pilot Fire Plan for a Passionate Year. The time has come. If you want to have a passionate year, a great year, or just a great time imagining one, here are the basics I guarantee will get you on your way. It’s much better than random bucket list or New Year’s Resolutions.

What am I guaranteeing?

If you do this entire process before the end of January 2015, I will give you a free mentorship session to make sure you are set to have a great year.

Tell your friends! Tweet your peeps. Keep me busy! Make us both happy.

Here it is, your path to a great year.

Preamble: Recount the past year, good and bad.

This is a valuable exercise on it’s own. All you need are slips of paper and about 20 minutes of quiet time. You can even break it up into several sessions through the week. For some reason it works better that way. Do the Small Steps to Wrapping up the Year.

Part One: Say goodbye to the past.

Let go of last year by burning away our proud and shameful memories. This is one darn cathartic thing to do and if you have a friend to share it with, even if she’s just a witness, it can be even more powerful, for both of you. Do Part One

Part Two: Connect to your leading roles.

Knowing your roles is a core concept Pilot Fire brings to planning and time management. Even if you’ve thought about it before, this exercise will help you discover parts of you you didn’t even know you had. Part Two

Part Three: Make your plan.

The plan is much simpler than you think. You don’t really know what will happen, but you do know you will forget what’s most important to you most of the time. This plan gives you a place to return to. Call it your home. Do Part Three

One last thing. This takes about 2 hours to do at least. On January 24 I’m offering a day long workshop with remarkable presenters in a beautiful San Francisco venue. Dig in and set yourself up with a great plan that will connect you to your dreams and get you moving right away. The pricing is designed so that anyone can afford it.

That’s right.

Anyone can afford it.

Join the Great Year Workshop.

Note: This is reposted every year. Comments may be dated from previous years.

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  1. I’ll be there on the 26th! Woo hoo!! So stoked for this, David.

    Hey awesome people: come so we can hang out 😉

    • Can’t wait to see you there, Erin!

  2. Worked with David last year around this time and it did wonders, can’t wait to see what comes of it this year!

  3. This is so cool – I can’t wait!

    My inner dog says WOOF!
    My inner child says COOKIES!
    And I say Woo Hoo!

    Thank you David!

  4. Yay! This will be great.

  5. Wow! I could really use some help with Steps 2 & 3. I wish I was on the other side of the country. This would be great!

  6. I’m so excited for the workshop on Jan. 26th! I’m a big fan of David’s Pilot Fire tools and looking forward to getting together with others to plot a great year…

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