Meet this Heroine of Reinvention

“I was Nobody. When I was anorexic I did not know who I was. I had no identity. I was 10 years old, still, when I was in my mid-20’s. I was a baby inside. Just a year ago I was a tiny mouse. I didn’t talk on the phone. I didn’t talk to anyone. I didn’t think I had a voice.”

Watch this video and you will have a hard time believing her statement. Anorexia Survivor Sophie-Anne Reinhardt is a brilliant example of reinventing the roles she identifies with. A Nobody found a path to recovery as a Blogger, using public exposure to hold herself accountable and to become a Role Model for her readers. As she learned that her stories and methods were actually helping other people heal, she started to identify as a more serious Writer, dedicating herself to her craft and her sense of purpose.

Before I Die…

An aspiring Media Empress, Anne-Sophie’s big goal is to create a counter weight to the dominant, destructive media that teaches us to hate our bodies. She wants to create a media empire where she focuses on values, helping people connect to what’s really important. Sound familiar? I hope she does it. It’s clear she found her voice!

Anne-Sophie is a little reluctant to call herself a Teacher, but her experience only confirms for me where a Teacher must always return.

“There’s a lot of responsibility with being a Teacher I think. I have so many flaws, so many things I need to learn. But I know I can teach people… who were maybe where I was … that life is worth living, that your body is worth loving, that recovery is possible.”

Without that, what else is there?

Your own reinvention

Small steps can take you very far, in fact that’s how most people like Anne-Sophie make changes in their lives. If there is something you need to change to take more control of your life and do something big that really matters, click here.

Yes, Tell Me More!

Update Jan 2013

anne-sophie-reinhardt-150Since this interview my experiences of Anne-Sophie have grown.

Some people preach love. Anne-Sophie practices love. Through a grueling process of reinvention she rises above her history of self-loathing to show us the path to love. It starts with ourselves and spreads to everyone we contact. Anne-Sophie is a radiant star.

Find her guides to loving yourself along with her own loving spirit at A Mind Media

NOTE: Anne-Sophie joins seven other ambitious Pilots who are turning their ships in this video.

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  1. David, I had so much fun talking to you over breakfast that morning and I’m so glad we have this little video to remember our time together. This turned out great. Thanks so so much for posting it.

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