If Reality Matters to You, Use a Timesheet

Do you really know how you spent your attention last week? When you imagine something specific about the coming week, do you know you'll feel? Turns out, probably not. To make decisions about … more

Continuous Creativity Timeline

A Continuous Creation Timeline

Could you take 6 or 7 minutes to look over a picture? I spent last weekend doing Joel Zaslofsky's Continuous Creation Challenge and documented almost everything I did in a single infographic. I … more


What are You Wearing? Playing the Part Means Knowing Your Role

He wears a red flannel shirt on Saturday mornings. That's his costume. The waffle iron is his prop and the woods where we play his realm. As I write this I feel the air from the furnace of my … more


How Will You Get the Cash? The Role of the Breadwinner

Do you need cash? How are you going to get it? I need cash. In my role as Artist I don't generate cash— not much. And as an Entrepreneur I have yet to build most of the cash machines I've designed. … more


On Owning the Role of Artist: How Labels and Comparisons Strengthen Creativity

Denise Urena over at Nurturing Creativity offers grounded insight into creativity and artistry and an active community of readers and commenters. When she wrote about how labels can weaken our … more


When Does Empathy Really Open Doors and Minds?

A woman cries. The caption reads, "Dad's bone scan came back." My eyes well up, and my face contorts like hers. I feel her anguish even though this photograph and caption are all I know about … more


As Victim, as Offender, It’s Our Job to Change the Story

I wrote this article in direct response to your candid answers. Thank you. In my last tirade I yelled at the namby-pamby Advice Flingers-Around who praise the purity of "finding your purpose." … more


Find Your Purpose? I Say, F#@k Your Purpose.

Find your purpose! Follow your passion! Really? Fuck you! I'm sick of reading, hearing, and seeing that advice. It's not helpful. In fact it hurts. I have too many big important interests that … more


Name the Roles Your Helpers Play and Make Your Requests Specific

"Ask and ye shall receive,"† is often quoted ironically when something bad comes from an off-hand wish. When requests are well crafted, however, you may find the saying quite a handy reminder. As Mick … more


Before I Die, I Want To…

Look into the unknown future and make a wish. It's one of the best ways I know to build a clear picture of what's really important to you. And having that picture helps you focus on the present. Every … more