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How to Find Flow and Make Progress with Smart and Sexy Goals

"A goal is just a measuring stick for my future failure," she says. So she never makes goals. I don't blame her at all. Who wants to fail? What if you knew you'd make progress taking the next step … more

Another Way to Focus, Practice the Triggered Reset

What if we could shift our attention away from pain, noise, shiny objects, and idiots and focus on what we want to focus on, no matter what? Here's the experiment for your Week's Plan and a great … more

We Love a Good Race, so Why Not Make the Race Matter?

The prominent poll aggregators had been predicting Obama's victory Tuesday night for a while,† but if we completely believed them, fewer of us would have been motivated to vote, and the evening's … more

Reconciling Lao Tzu, Ego, and the Autopilot

My t'ai chi teacher, Martin Inn, used to describe a teacher of his who claimed to have no attachments to the past or the future. He seemed to embody the Taoist roots of t'ai chi, removing all … more

Get Out of Doubt: Three Steps

Unrelenting Doubt, like disproportional Debt, is paralyzing. It's worth making it a high priority to get out of Doubt as quickly as possible. A Pilot Fire dabbler sent me a note a while back: "I … more

Find Flow at the Edge of Frustration

One fundamental condition of Pilot Fire is to learn how to embrace the sublime, frequently. Making a life that aligns with our values, taking action to serve our beliefs, and achieving our goals is … more

Three Factors for Finding Flow

Nebulous aspirations, visions of grandeur, and vague wishes for a better life can sometimes give us fleeting moments of pleasure; yet, when they remain ungrounded in reality, they can also lead to … more

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Tells Us How to Go with the Flow

Sex, drugs, and rock & roll are just like computer programming, right? Oh, and reading or having a great conversation? Pioneer in the field of positive psychology and champion of creativity, … more