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7 Great Reasons Why You Should Sing in an Opera or Do Something Just as Hard

I don't like opera that much. I swoon to Jussi Björling's Les Pêcheurs de Perles, but that's about it. I've never seen an opera in its entirety. That's why it might seem odd that I'm singing in one, … more


Don’t Lists and Project Folders for a Simple System for Everything

"David, your Simple System for Everything works for everything!" That was the crowd's undulating chant at the colosseum right before I hushed them for the grand finale— something about online … more


Love and the Trembling Wanting

"I can't get your face out of my mind and the taste of your skin lingers still. I want you to meet me tonight just outside your backdoor. Bring your haunting imagination, your big laugh, and your … more


Don’t Struggle with Money; Wrangle it with One Number

I pretty easily glom my free floating anxiety onto money worries when I lose touch with my One Number. In my case ignorance breeds fear. (I can be a Scaredy-cat.) I've seen even more often that … more


Nope, No New Year’s Resolutions. Follow these Steps to a Great Year.

95% of you, at least, according to my private analytics, have not been enlightened to the Pilot Fire Plan for a Passionate Year. The time has come. If you want to have a passionate year, a great year, … more


A Letter to my Readers about 2013

Things change. That's about all I really know to be true. In the face of change it's sometimes hard to know who you are any more or what you want from life because life keeps changing its … more


How to Give the Perfect Gift: 21 Ideas + Giveaway

Most people don't really care so much about things once they have them. Sure the iPhone is a gift to humans from Zeus, and my bicycle, may it rest in peace, is sorely missed (literally, ouch), but in … more


Free Decision Making Session with David Delp

  Too much on your Do List? Me too. Every time someone asks me how to decide what to do next I start with the 5 Questions, a simple tool to help you set priorities. Now you can get that … more


Dear Men, Without Our Mothers Would We Ever Cry?

We lay down our shields and swords, and we embrace each other and weep. Mother is dead. It may be the most beautiful thing to witness because it is so rare— unfettered grief poured out from … more


Ask for Help and Swim in the Bliss of Interdependence

With the first Pilots flying, it's time to send them sweet smoke signals of support. Diana Gameros knows what it's like to ask for help and get it. Last year in the final day of her kick starter … more