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Calmer Holidays with an Eye on the Little Old Lady

He looked nasty. He might have been saying "vacuum" as he glared back at me through my windshield, the wiper smearing early evening raindrops across the dirty glass. I had nudged my car into the … more


Realistic Roles in Marriages That Work

I’m changing my mind (again) about marriage. As I prepare for the Great Year Workshop in which Love in all its forms is central to making a life you believe in, I’ve been turning to an unlikely source … more


Early Bird Discount for the Great Year Workshop

So often New Year resolutions crumble or the onslaught of obligations overwhelm your best intentions. You can easily lose your grip on what’s most important to you, and worse, lose a sense of who you … more


Exciting News, Plus Death!

Here's something you need to do before you die, maybe even now. Tickets for the best Pilot Fire event go on sale soon, and this year it’s going to be a little bigger, deeper, and more exciting even … more


Post Breakup, What’s Your New Role as an Ex?

"What do I do the next time I see her?" That's a great question. When you are no longer your lover's Lover, what is the new role you play, and what does that tell you about what to do next? As … more


Remember the Acrobat

Did you fail this week? I hope so. Most people don’t like the phrase, “I failed,” I say it all the time, and I’d like you to try it out. Say it with gusto. Say it this week. Here’s how: Remember … more


A.J. Jacobs, Smartest, Fittest Guinea Pig, is Your Cousin.

A.J. Jacobs is my Cousin. He’s yours, too, and he is on a mission to make sure we know it. I interviewed A.J. to find out why he takes his role as Cousin so seriously, and I’m convinced we would all … more


Join the Family that Connects Kids to College

In my role as Neighbor, I've made a point of getting to know people I would never meet in other situations. As a result I've made some of the most meaningful connections to remarkable people, like … more


Four More Pills. Is this Really the End of Meds for Me?

Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Is that it? For five years I have felt no Despair. My therapist and psychiatrist helped me dial in a cocktail of medication that made sure of that, and last … more


Failure of a Falsifiable Hypothesis is Success, Plus Dating Statistics

"There is no such thing as a unicorn, little boy." This is what's called a falsifiable hypothesis, a claim that can be proven false. Failure of this hypothesis would be the production of a … more