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Free Coaching Call: Help Make Pilot Fire Super Duper!

Please take 3 minutes to answer 6 questions. Help Pilot Fire grow as a valuable resource for making a life you believe in. I'll use your answers to improve the website and offer more great tools, … more

The Path to Paperlessness and a File System that Keeps You Motivated

I love paper. As an Artist, paper is my main venue. The feel of a 4B pencil skimming over the silky surface of vellum or whispering against a stiffer rougher bristol is music for my fingers. But … more

Nope, No New Year’s Resolutions. Follow these Steps to a Great Year.

95% of you, at least, according to my private analytics, have not been enlightened to the Pilot Fire Plan for a Passionate Year. The time has come. If you want to have a passionate year, a great year, … more

As a Productivityist, the Practice of Productivity is the Goal

Being productive is one of the best feelings I know. Sure, it's not the meaning of life, getting things done, but it sure feels great checking a bunch of tasks off my list, and when the things I get … more

Calmer Holidays with an Eye on the Little Old Lady

He looked nasty. He might have been saying "vacuum" as he glared back at me through my windshield, the wiper smearing early evening raindrops across the dirty glass. I had nudged my car into the … more

Realistic Roles in Marriages That Work

I’m changing my mind (again) about marriage. As I prepare for the Great Year Workshop in which Love in all its forms is central to making a life you believe in, I’ve been turning to an unlikely source … more

Early Bird Discount for the Great Year Workshop

So often New Year resolutions crumble or the onslaught of obligations overwhelm your best intentions. You can easily lose your grip on what’s most important to you, and worse, lose a sense of who you … more

Exciting News, Plus Death!

Here's something you need to do before you die, maybe even now. Tickets for the best Pilot Fire event go on sale soon, and this year it’s going to be a little bigger, deeper, and more exciting even … more

Post Breakup, What’s Your New Role as an Ex?

"What do I do the next time I see her?" That's a great question. When you are no longer your lover's Lover, what is the new role you play, and what does that tell you about what to do next? As … more

Remember the Acrobat

Did you fail this week? I hope so. Most people don’t like the phrase, “I failed,” I say it all the time, and I’d like you to try it out. Say it with gusto. Say it this week. Here’s how: Remember … more